Hello, I’m Eleanor!

Who is Eleanor?

I am the founder of EleanorWriting. A native English speaker, I worked in commercial and broadcast journalism for 10 years at BBC World Service and BBC Worldwide. I was awarded a Master’s of Journalism from London College of Communication in 2007. I have a keen eye for accuracy and have spent a lifetime writing for myself and others in both my line of work and in my private life.

My first BBC job was at Viewers’ and Listeners’ Correspondence, writing letters in response to the license payer’s letters of complaint and enquiry. Following that I worked at BBC Worldwide, meticulously checking all the television programme scripts, end credit and music copyright sheets prior to transmission. I gained an excellent insight into the type of mistakes that people make in a fast-paced work environment. At BBC World Service I edited and produced written news copy in perfect English for the language services to translate for broadcast on World Service radio.

More recently…

In recent years I have worked in business development and digital marketing and  have up-to-date knowledge of the importance of SEO, Keywords, email campaigns, business plans and website copy to maximise profit and investment. I have experience of boosting website traffic by 40% for a startup organisation, just from proofreading existing content and writing clear, innovative and passionate website copy.

I want all text to read well for maximum impact, with no spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes. However, I recognise that it’s time-consuming and not easy to produce perfect English writing when you are concentrating on something else. So, if you need something written or correcting, just get in touch!

Sounds good?

My particular flair is for letter-writing, especially letters of persuasion, and I have made successful representation to just about every type of organisation –local and national government departments, NHS, Police, retail outlets and head offices. 

I keep up-to-date and have attended several Guardian Masterclasses recently on writing persuasive copy.

Give me a call if you need any help with your writing and I will be more than happy to help you. Or, send an email to: hello@eleanorwriting.co.uk

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