What We Offer

From our own school and university days we know only too well that finding one’s own mistakes is very hard, especially when you’ve been looking at the work for a long time. Much better for a fresh pair of eyes to look over it! We will proofread and amend:

  • Academic documents (essays, dissertations, theses, coursework)
  • CV’s and supporting statements
  • Personal statements
  • Websites
  • Press releases, small ads, flyers, magazines, newsletters, reports
  • Manuscripts
  • Business plans

When we proofread your work, we look out for and amend spelling mistakes, incorrect words in the context, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Don’t forget that Spell Check won’t pick up a word which has two spellings or more and is used incorrectly. For example, a recent email from a colleague read as follows, “I enjoyed are telephone conversation.” As ‘are’ is spelt correctly this error will not be spotted on the Spell Check but jumps out at us and makes us want to correct it immediately!

We will start with making your copy grammatically correct so it reads in simple plain English. If the writing does not make obvious sense I will give suggestions about improving your style of writing, for example choice of vocabulary for the context and style of your work.

We are attuned to the sort of written mistakes that you are likely to make and will ensure that good ideas are presented in perfect English.

We will request that you send us the copy in a text file so that we can make the changes directly onto your text, or we can use the ‘track changes’ facility. This facility means that you keep control over your work and either accept or decline the suggested changes. Simply tell us what you want us to do!

Our proofreading service thoroughly investigates your documents for correction of spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. These might include:

  • Website copy
  • Email campaigns
  • Emails to important people
  • Essays, dissertations and thesis
  • University coursework
  • Advertisements
  • Business plans
  • Schools, colleges
  • Monthly magazines or newsletters

Many of us experience frustration with the various services that we have little, or no choice but to use! Resolving issues over the telephone can be costly, time consuming and very frustrating. More often than not a carefully structured letter (or email) is often needed to make the point to the relevant person in the organisation and to achieve the result we are looking for, including compensation.

A solicitor’s letter can be very expensive – up to £250 per letter, with no guarantees of success. A number of websites offer tips on how to write a letter of complaint and will provide templates. Eleanorwriting offers you so much more – a politely assertive letter written specifically for you in an uncomplicated and direct style which will show the recipient that you mean business. All for a fraction of the cost of a solicitor’s letter!

All you need to do is outline your letter request on the ‘Contact Eleanor’ page and we will do the rest for you. In addition, we will help you to find the best person to write to and make some suggestions about sending a copy to someone else in a related organisation to ensure that the letter will not be ignored.

Over the years, EleanorWriting have made complaints on their own behalf and behalf of others to a range of agencies, including;


  • Local and national government departments
  • MPs
  • Budget Airlines
  • BT
  • Banks & Building Societies 
  • Transport for London 

French and Spanish Translation Services

We can produce, proofread, and translate all your French and Spanish documents into perfect written English:

  • Journal articles
  • Research papers
  • Speeches
  • Profiles
  • Biographies
  • Presentations
  • Articles for publication
  • Short stories
  • Longer literary works 

Specialising in French and Spanish, we are skilled in all areas: technical translation – requiring in-depth knowledge of industry terminology; financial translation; legal translation; marketing and commercial translation; literary translation. We can translate into English.

With EleanorWriting, you are guaranteed an expert, friendly, bespoke service with very competitive prices.

    We come to your work place and work through your project with you. Hourly or daily rates available. Let’s chat to learn more about each other. 

    We asked Eleanor to proof our website, just to be on the safe side. She discovered about 10 mistakes, some were crucial to how we are perceived. She offered a couple of different solutions, which were simple but effective. It’s not about big words, it’s about the correct words. She gets the job done. Highly recommend. 

    Vincent W

    Owner, MrPhotoCanvas.co.uk